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Zip Drive Recovery (Windows & Mac)  v.2.0

Zip drive is reliable flash storage device that allows you to store large number of data. You can store your important media files including image, audio and videos into zip drive for backup. However,

USB Drive Recovery Tool  v.

USB drive recovery tool easily available at that restores deleted data from Flash drive which got affected due to virus. Zip Drive document regaining software recoups corrupted data from Thumb drive by few clicks of mouse.


Downloads Photo Recovery  v.

Wallpaper recovery tool used to restore all importance file, screenshots, snapshots, images, picture, photos, from user zip drive that was formatted due to human mistake, power failure, hardware problem etc within few mouse clicks.

Recover Mac Photos  v.

Economical Recover Mac Photos software quickly and easily restores your lost images, picture only by few mouse clicks. Technically powerful Recover Mac Photos application facilitates thumbnail preview of retrieved photos before actual recovery.

Peters Backup  v.3.08

Peters Backup is a program for backing up your important data files on to diskette, zip drive, fixed disk or CD/RW.

Flash Recovery Mac  v.

Advance Flash Recovery Mac software can easily recovers your precious and memorable images from memory card, hard disk drive partition, USB drive, thumb drive, zip drive, iPod, memory cards of all type such as SD card, multimedia card,

Removable Disk Recovery Software  v.

USB video recovery software can bring back all corrupted or deleted information from portable storage media available in market such as zip drive, pen drives, memory stick, jump drive, key drive etc.

Advanced Flash Synchronizer

Advanced Flash Synchronizer 1.3 will help you back up and synchronize data on two computers that is not connected directly by the help of the external Flash/USB/ZIP drive. The key feature of the AFS is copying only changed files to the external drive

Wipe It  v.3 2

Sanitize your hard drive, zip drive, a floppy, and more with Wipe It. The process of sanitizing your hard drive means overwriting each track several times to erase the data that was previously there.

CDOrc - MenuOrc  v.6 5

CDOrc - MenuOrc is a program that easily lets you create autorun menus for your CDr, CDRW, zip-drive or DVD-Ram. Simply start the wizard, chose names, designs and sounds and add the files you want to appear in the autostart menu.

BackupXpress Pro  v.

File backup or COMPRESSED backup in zip-file Complex include and exclude filter Perform backup at SYSTEM SHUTDOWN BACKUP AUTOMATION for removable mediums (ZIP-Drive) REMOTE BACKUPS to Ftp or Email Integrated ZIP-EXTRACTOR and lots of other grea

StorageWipe  v.

Overwrite every byte on target drive is the abosolute secure way to erase the data on drive. StorageWipe uses powerful wipe & erase technology to completely eliminate data on hard drive, external drive, flash memory, zip drive and more.

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